Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Jazz costumes are here....YEAH!!!!

Here are some more pictures of Megan's Jazz costume. They are "Lightning" and they are dancing to "Ray of Light" by Madonna. They are going to wear their hair in a high curled pony tail and the little silver sparkle clip will be on the right side of their head.

It's fun to see them try on their costumes for the first time and dance in them. It's like a big confidence booster!

Can you see that she thinks "she's all that!"?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Here are some more shots from our Friday evening fishing trip.

Megan getting ready to release her first fish.

Megan and Paige the fishing sisters.

Megan getting some fishing pointers from her dad...learning how to set the hook when she see's her bobber go under.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Oooopppps I forgot to take my camera with me to Paige's ballet class on Thursday night.
But not to worry she happily tried her "Hummingbird" costume on and amused me with her pretty poses. These costumes are perfect for their dance, they look lovely when they are fluttering and leaping.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Last night was "COSTUME NIGHT"at dance. Paige's tap class looks adorable in their "Love Bug" costumes, they are dancing to Brian Seltzers version of "A Crazy Little Thing Called Love". It's a real fast and fun dance as usual.

I like that the legging's and top are all one piece (less to worry about losing during costume changes). Paige likes how they twirl out when they do their fast turns.

Megan's Jazz class will have to wait until next week for their costumes (they just shipped yesterday). But she has her "Waterfall" costume for ballet and it's prettier than the picture we got to see back in January. The fabric is very shimmery and smooth. Megan says it feels good. They will wear their hair in a high curled pony tail for both Jazz and Ballet.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Here is more of the artwork that was on display at the high school art show on Sunday. I think these pencil drawings were done my middle school kids (8th graders).

I had to practically put my nose on the paper to determine if this was a photo or a drawing. I have a hard time making stick people that look half way decent....I don't think I could draw edible looking fruit to save my life.

These are half black and white photo half drawing and totally amazing!

Here are some pictures of the elementary school kids art work that was displayed at the high school. It's a fun selection of work from kindergarten to fifth grade.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Saturday evening at Beaver Pond

After I came home from work we started getting our stuff together to go meet Uncle Dave, Jie, and Aaron at the fishing pond at one of our local metro parks. It's called Beaver Pond and it is an old quarry with lots of fish. Dave took Mike there last Sunday after Easter lunch at our house. We left as soon as Brittany's mom dropped her off (for a sleepover). Dave, Jie and Aaron had already been fishing for an hour or so when we showed up and Jie had already caught at least 5 fish, she was showing the boys up.

Jie's bucket o'fish!
Brittany was the first of the little girls to catch a fish.

Megan fished for a while but then got discouraged after catching a stick. She tried her hand at catching some bait fish with the net. That's more her style...lots of action.
Uncle Dave giving his fish a kiss. Paige caught a few, but turned them back out in the pond.

Hey look a picture of me! Thanks Paige :)

Aaron with his catch and Mike with his big catch of the night.

I know these two pictures of Mike and Paige are kinda dark but I like the sunlight reflecting in the water and how intimate the photos feel, like they are the only ones there.

The last photo of the night Uncle Dave and his lovely fiance Jie.