Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Paige wore my old red boots (by the way they were made in the U.S.A. over 20 years ago) to riding lessons. I never wore them to ride in, back in the day I had a great old pair of pigskin boots that I wore when I was out riding horses in California. My red boots were my dancing boots. I'm glad that she is wearing them it's much better than their previous fate of sitting in a plastic storage container in the basement. They are feeling the love now!

Wednesday is her favorite day of the least for the next 10 weeks! Paige is back in the saddle again for fall riding lessons and she is thrilled that her best friend Brittany is taking lessons with her. We pick Brittany up after school and take her to lessons with Paige then Brittany's mom swings by our house on her way home from work and picks Brittany up. The girls are thrilled to get to see each other for over an hour each week (they do not go to the same school and we live about 10 miles apart). Luckily the stable is just a few miles from Brittany's school so it works out perfectly and as you can see they are both happy.

Brittany looks like a pro in the saddle, look how nice and tall she sits. She has done some riding at horse camp so I think her and Paige are pretty close in their skills.

It was a bit dusty and warm , about 87 degrees...we are to get some rainstorms tomorrow maybe that will settle the dust for next week.

I asked Paige what they were chatting about and she said "I was telling her how we ride bareback when it's real cold out". That will come in a few months...about mid November when they are doing a lot of their lessons in the arena inside the big old barn.

Friday, September 03, 2010

She wears a size 6 in woman's shoes now....she got these cute high tops at was B.O.G. (Buy one get one 1/2 off) so they were all of $4.50!

So the other day Paige says the kids at school have already started talking about Halloween costumes. Her friend Lauren suggested they go as horseback riders. Lauren is going to wear her English garb and Paige is going Western. This made me think (fondly) of my lovely red cowgirl boots (the ones like Lori Singer wore in "Footloose" ). I got them as a Christmas gift one year from the Turpin's. I wore them out dancing for many years. Then after I had Paige my feet got wider and a size bigger so they haven't been on my feet for more than 12 years. But I kept them...because I love them. So today I dug them out along with my leather belt with the silver heart buckle that Lisa got me one year for Christmas. They fit Paige perfectly! I told her she could wear the boots to riding lessons (her riding boots are getting tight) too. I figure they might as well get used and loved a little more. By the way I looked inside of them to check the size, they are 6 1/2 and they say "Made in the U.S.A." gotta love that!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Here are the pictures from the camping trip we took the weekend before the kids went back to school. Rowdy was relaxing in the shade while we put the tent up.

Paige relaxing in the tent Friday afternoon while Mike did a little fishing on Hook lake. We camped right next to this had to walk down a steep trail but hey nothing like fishing from camp.

Me and Rowdy dog Saturday on the canoe.

This one cracks me up...Mike trying to fish and Megan posing like a superstar.

Can you tell that quarters were cramped...that is Paige's foot, my hand and Rowdy resting on his beach towel at my feet next to the sack with the snacks and camera in it.

The one that got away. Megan caught the first "keeper" on Saturday, unfortunately Mike dropped it as he was trying to put it in the fish basket that hangs in the water on the side of our now Megan has a "one that got away" story to tell. We told her she can catch him again next time we fish there..and it will be even bigger!

My first keeper of the day...and Paige got one too!

In this picture you can really tell how crowded our canoe is with 4 people and two dogs. Lucky for us the dogs are small and like to sleep on their beach towels. Also it is kinda hard to take photos from the front of the have to be careful not to rock the boat when you are turning in your seat and trying to point the camera behind you.

The kids were enthralled with all the dragon flies, they were even giving them names. There were also a ton of butterflies but for some reason I didn't snap any pictures of them. There would be clusters of 10 or 12 butterflies on the road and paths. They would land on our tent too. They were pretty and entertaining.

The girls sacked out on Sunday morning.

Rebel was licking his chops...we had puppy treats and the doggy water bottle for them on the canoe..he also swiped a few pringles from Paige.

Mike caught this nice size bass on Sunday...but not quite big enough to keep.

Rowdy our happy canoe dog...he snores so loud I worry that he'll scare the fish away.