Monday, October 26, 2009

Here are the rest of our pictures from yesterdays trip to Freeman's Farmers Market.

Paige was the first to find her pumpkin.

Then Megan found hers.

The pickings were a bit slim since we waited pretty late in the season to go pumpkin picking. But with Paige and Megan's help I found a pumpkin with a nice stem. They both know it's all about the stem when it comes to pumpkin personality.

They must be growing up...this is the first year ever we did not have fits about who got to push the pumpkin cart. Megan pushed the empty cart into the pumpkin patch and then Paige pushed the full cart to the check out, with no arguing.

After we purchased our pumpkins and gourds and put them in the car we went back to take pictures. For some reason Paige was in a much better picture taking mood than Megan.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Evolution of the witch costume

It started back in 2007 when Paige was 9. We were unpacking the Halloween stuff and she put on a long purple wig that I had bought from the clearance basket at Krogers after Halloween 2006. Then she put on my light up witch hat that I had also gotten on clearance the year before.

(Paige pairs her outfit with plaid vans)
The witch costume went to "Boo at the Zoo" and Megan who was 6 at the time wore Paige's old cat costume from a dance recital (from when Paige was in first grade). It worked out purrrfect...Paige was a witch and Megan was her black cat.

These two pictures were taken at Aunt Deb and Uncle Bud's pumpkin carving party. To me it looks like "good witch" and "bad-mad witch".

Paige even wore it to tap class for costume week that year. I remember that the hat kept falling off but everyone loved the purple hair.

Now it's Megan's turn. We bought her a new hat with long green hair attached. She could have picked the hot pink hair & hat but she wanted the green. I sprayed her hair pink with some wash off spray. Then I put some eye make up and some sparkles on her and she was ready to fly out the door. Last nitght she was going to a Halloween party that one of her classmates invited her too.

She will also get to wear it to our Halloween party that we are having on the 30th. I let each of the girls invite 5 friends each. Deb is coming over to give me a hand since Mike will be at the Haunted House in the cul de sac. At the party we will have pizza and snacks. The girls will get to decorate their own cupcakes and there will be crafts, dancing and a spooky nail polish station.

I think I bought the dress for this costume at Big Lots for about five bucks then I found the tights at Marshalls for a few bucks. Surprisingly they are holding up pretty well. I think we are getting our moneys worth.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The girls made some really cool Chihuly inspired art at the museum on Sunday. First they did these bowls. We placed plastic wrap inside of plastic bowls to make forms then they cut and or tore pieces of colored vellum paper and layered and glued them. We brought them home in plastic bags and I let them sit on the counter to dry out. I love the way they turned out.

While the bowls were drying we went to another area of the museum where they made these fun lanterns. They even gave us the light kit so they really work. They each chose a sheet of vellum and placed glue dots along one end so they could form a cylinder. Then the fun part was decorating them with pipe cleaners, colored wire, colorful sheets of acetate and hole punches. The kids were very creative they each came up with their own styles.

Paige with her bowl.

Monday, October 12, 2009

We love Chihuly and luckily the city we live near loves it too. We are very lucky to have two different venues to visit Dale Chihuly's incredible glass and art works. We went to "The Columbus Museum of Art" yesterday to see "Chihuly Illuminated". We usually enjoy Chihuly at the Franklin Park Conservatory in a more natural setting with plants and water so it was interesting to see it in a more formal setting lit up from above and below. The kids also made some amazing Chihuly inspired artwork that I will share in the next few days.

Megan and Ayva above and Brittany and Paige below stand in front of
"Dark Violet Rain Forest Tumbleweeds, 2005"

Glass Forest #3 2008 (Paige said it looks like candles with the wax pooling at their bases)

Tabac Basket Grouping with Drawing Shards and Oxblood Body Wraps, 2008

Smoky and Gilded Opal Chandelier, 2008

Mile Fiori, a 56 foot long garden of glass composed of bold forms in vibrant colors.

The girls enjoyed seeing the reflection of the glass in the mirroed settings.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Paige, Rebel, Lauren and Megan taking an Autumn hike at Highbanks.

This old tree has so much personality.

I asked her to sit down and pose on this stump ...she said it was comfortable.

This is the Adena Indian Mound. It was a burial site for Native Americans.

This cracks me up the only one looking at the camera is Megan and she's totally hamming it up, as usual.

We were walking along and Megan says "hey mom look theirs a heart" so I snapped a picture of the dirt heart.

This is the feather Megan found and later taped to her writing assignment. So now it is like one of those "touch and feel books".

I got her this polar fleece for ten bucks at J.C. Penny. I'm glad she likes it because I love the way she looks in pink and brown.

A girl and her's a beautiful thing.