Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Megan's birthday night celebration...from opening gifts to kissing toads.....

Who knew she would get so excited over a ninety-nine cent box of Mike and Ikes ?

This is the cute card that Paige made her. Paige picked her out a really cool gift too. She got her some blank books so Megan can copy the stories that she writes into them. Paige said that she would help with editing. I think this will be a great rainy day project to keep them busy.

Megan enthusiastically modeling her new apron that Mimi made for her.

This is the card I made for her. I was worried that she would count the pink flowers (on the felt ribbon) and realize that there were only 8 so I snipped one more and put it inside by the greeting. Inside it said "Butterfly kisses and birthday wishes".

Our little Megan is ready for the roller derby now. Her friends around the block have a long flat driveway and sometimes they put cones out and play music and have their own outdoor roller rink.

I actually bought these earrings for her before she got her ears pierced, so I didn't know she was going to pick out blue flowers. The ones I got her are a little different shade of blue and they are dangley-post.

This is kinda cool...I put a picture of Megan in it from her rock star party last year and her friends all signed the frame with highlighters. When you flip the switch little black lights shine on it and makes the words and drawings glow. You can wipe it off with a tissue and write on it again and again. It was a big hit!

Pictures from Megan's dinner at Red Lobster (she wanted popcorn shrimp for dinner).
We had to wait until after Paige's tap class to go out so we had a late dinner.

Our waiter was nice enough to get a lobster out so Megan could pet it. He also gathered a group and sang her happy birthday too.

When we got home from dinner I took the dogs out and found this baby toad. I brought it home to show the girls and Megan pretended to kiss it.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Megan celebrated her 9th birthday last Wednesday, July 14th.

I let Megan open this one gift in the morning before we went to Paige's music lesson. That way she would have something new and fun to play with.

Since Paige had a 1 1/2 hour band class in the middle of the day and then a 45 min. tap class at the end of the day we did some celebrating around that and it worked out fine. Plus she had a party with more friends on we did a little partying this week.

After we dropped off Paige at the music store we picked up Cameron and Meghan and went out to lunch at Culver's. Then we went over and picked Paige, grabbed Paige some lunch and headed for the splash pad at the park.

Cameron, Megan the princess and Meghan celebrating at Culver's.

The girls posing at the splash pad.

Here's a cute picture of everyone after they got soaked!

They played on the playground for a bit and then warmed up in the sun. I don't think Cameron realized that I was actually going to catch her cute little tongue sticking out, they were pretty far away...but the big lens sees all!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Someone had a groovy giant frosted cookie for her on July 14th.

Happy 9th Birthday dear Megan,

We love you with all our hearts, Mom, Dad, Paige, Rowdy and Rebel

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Here's the story...for years we have had a family joke about the kids getting their ears pierced. I have always been a little surprised that they have not asked me to get their ears pierced because almost all of their friends have theirs done (some of them since they were babies). So whenever we are strolling down the mall and we get in front of "Claire's" I will say in a loud voice "Who wants to get their ears pierced today?" and they would always put their hands over their ears and yell "NOT ME!".

Well about a month ago we were talking about Megan's up coming 9th birthday and I said you should get your ears pierced then all your friends could get you earrings. Of course you will want to do it before your party. So July 7th we were printing out her invites and she said don't forget to put "I got my ears pierced for my" on them. So that was black and white...she had to get her ears pierced. So on Saturday, July 10th we went to the mall and marched into Claire's and our little girl got her ears pierced while Aunt Deb, Paige and I took pictures.

Here is the last picture of Megan with un-pierced ears, (that is her fairy ear...see how it's a little pointy on top...when we were at Disney she showed it to Tink and Tink confirmed that Megan must be half fairy)

She practically squeezed the stuffing out of that poor bear...but she didn't flinch or even get a tear in her eye. Just before she had them done she got a very serious look on her face, Aunt Deb exclaimed "I have never seen Megan look so serious".

Aunt Deb came along for support too. After the piercing was done we went to CA Pizza Kitchen to celebrate and to share our piercing stories from "back in the day".
Like for instance when I had mine done when I was 7 they used a big metal thing that looked like a staple gun...and they only did one ear at a time...AND when they did my first ear the darn thing got STUCK on my ear. So they were yanking it around and finally got it off and then I had to be brave so they could pierce my other ear...luckily without a repeat of the stuck piercing gun. I wonder if they gave my mom a discount for the trauma they caused me? Probably not, but hey what doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger...and gives you a good story to tell.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Oh No it's the "croc A gators"!

Here are some picture's from the neighborhood pool at Grandma and Grandpa's in Georgia. I had some fun taking pictures with the new lens as Mike, Paige and Megan goofed around in the pool on June 19, 2010.

This is what happens whenever Mike get's in the pool with the kids. They climb on him and try to dunk him...they should know by now that they will never win at this game.

Then one of them makes the mistake of getting on his shoulders and then this.....


Can you tell how frightened Megan is in the picture above...going into the water head first with a big fat grin on her face?
Yep, she's scared!

I wonder at what age they will figure out that when you jump into a pool holding onto a big ol beach ball that the ball will not go under the water with you but pop up like, well a big ol beach ball.. but hey it's fun to watch.

One last smile....we will call it "Megan Spouting Off"!