Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010...our neighborhood actually had trick or treating this past Thursday. Don't ask me it's a central Ohio thing to have it practically any night but the 31st. I don't really understand it, but whatever.
The kids had fun trick or treating with Deb, Bud and Joe Boxer. Bud designed Joe's train costume and everyone wanted pictures with him. He was quite the hit with our neighbors.

Lauren and Paige has a horseback riding theme, Lauren was the English rider and Paige was the Western rider.

Megan and Ayva posed for a quick picture.

Friday, October 22, 2010

It's flashback time...October 2009.....
Megan was a pink and green haired witch for trick or treat.

It's a new year now and a new's the "2010 version of Megan the dancing witch"
She will be absent from her ballet and jazz classes next Thursday because it will be trick or treat night in our neighborhood. So she got a little head start in dressing up last night for her dance classes. Plus she has a Halloween party to go to tonight.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We are not crazy about spiders...but snakes are no problem, especially when they are as pretty as Kovu. Kovu is the class mascot for Paige's Watershed class. We were supposed to have a class campfire at the fire pit at their school last night. It started raining about 45 minutes before it was to start (the 3rd time it got rained out) so we had an indoor potluck and played "Watershed games" in the gym. We all had a fun time and made lots of good memories.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

First Trout
While I was working (sweeping and cashiering in the Nursery at The Anderson's) Mike and the girls were fishing. Last Thursday they stocked a local pond with trout. So Paige and Megan caught their first trout on Saturday, Oct. 09,2010! The weather was about as good as it gets for early October, sunny blue skies and in the low 80's plus there was a slight breeze as the day wore on. Wish I could have been fishing with my family instead of ringing up mums and mulch. Oh well, at least they remembered the camera!