Monday, January 31, 2011

Check out this post...if you want a sneak peak of the girls dance costumes for their May recital.

These pictures are from the first week of January. I remember that it was snowing pretty good on that Tuesday. So I made Paige come to Megan's Tap class so we could just go get a bite to eat afterward and go back to the dance studio so I wouldn't have to drive back home only to turn around an hour and a half later to take Paige to tap and Megan to jazz. So we ended up eating dinner at Pei Wei Asian Diner. We snapped a few silly shots while we were waiting for our dinner.

The dance show this year is "The Legend of the Scarlet Slippers" the last time they performed this show Paige was in fist grade.

This is Paige's "50's Greasers" costume. I have not heard the music for it but it will probably be a combo of "Rock Around the Clock" and maybe another song. I love the zebra print and the scarf, very cute!

This is Megan's ballet costume they are dancing to the "Titanic" (the instrumental version of the song). After looking in the costume book for the entire show we all agree that this is one of the prettiest ballet costumes. It will have clear straps so don't worry my 9 year old will not be dancing in a strapless costume!

This is Megan's Jazz costume and they will have buckets to dance with to the song "It's a Hard Knock Life" from Annie. They start out with the rap version then go into the classic version from the Broadway musical. I pointed out to Megan that it may not have sparkles but it will be comfortable at least.

This is Megan's tap costume they will wear suntan colored tights with it and we all think it will look much cuter on 3rd and 4th graders. Megan loves the hat!
When they get their costumes in April I will take more pictures and post them.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Hey it's mid January and I am finally getting the Christmas day pictures up on the I am going to go take down the rest of the Christmas decor. We left it up a little later than usual because Aunt Deb and Bud came over this past Sunday to have lunch and open Christmas gifts.
So that's my excuse!
We really did have a fantastic relaxed Christmas this year and we hope that all of you did as well.

The girls always open their stockings first while the dogs are opening theirs too. Then they open their ornaments from Santa so they can hang them on the tree.

This year Santa brought the girls a big box that was to both of was filled with three cool gifts to share.

Santa gave them a "Bloggie" video camera so they can make their silly shows and music videos...

and Just Dance 2 for the Wii

and Cooking Mama Cook Off for the Wii.

Megan picked out this horse photo for Paige. She says "it looks like Calliope"
We are going to hang it above Paige's desk in her room.

Paige gave Megan this bright peace sign picture that lights up and blinks plus she gave her a Llama webkinz. Megan named the llama Daphne.

Megan's shirt sums it up well "Every Thing is Awesome with Sprinkles"

Rebel is in love with hes new squeaky raccoon toy, he totally slobbered up it's tail! That's a true sign of doggy love!

Mike and the girls gave me this adorable snowman platter, it looks great on our dining table.

The girls love their new coats and scarves they are very plush and cozy!

The girls wanted to get Mike a snow boarding game for the Wii but that required getting a balance board. So he ended up with a balance board, Wii fit plus, a snow board to put on top of the balance board and the snow board game. We have all had fun playing the games..the kids love it (I think they may have had ulterior motives).

Mmmm spice drops!

Love, love, love my new plaid handbag!

Santa brought the girls new snow saucers. Megan was doing some carpet sledding!

Rebel was trying out the new snow board for the Wii.

Paige received lots of earrings ( for her newly pierced ears) and a few necklaces for Christmas and she filled up her new jewelry holder that we gave her.
"You Are A Very Lucky Dog"
This was Rowdy's fortune on his fortune cookie toy before Rebel chewed the fortune off.

Megan and Mike snowboarding in the family room!

Mike was testing out the new flash that he got me for our Nikon. It's pretty awesome!

Megan was dancing to Wii Just Dance 2. She was cutting a rug!

Rebel zonked out with his new snowman...too much Christmas excitement!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sometimes the best gifts don't come in shiny packages and they aren't brand new. Sometimes they come in big cardboard boxes and the contents might have a few miles and lots of memories.
That pretty much sums up Mikes Christmas present from my dad this year. I had talked to my my dad in early December and told him that Mike might like a gift card to a sporting goods store since he was looking to get a reel for a fly fishing pole his dad had given him last year.

Well my dad came up with a better idea he decided to send Mike his old fishing vest and my 94 year old Grandma's fly pole. When the package came in mid December I peeked inside and then wrapped it up. I was pretty excited that I didn't have to work on Christmas eve day since that is the time that we usually open our gifts from our family out West.
That metal tube contains my Grandma's fly pole and it has her name inscribed on it along with her nickname "Road Runner'. She put a lot of miles on her old Ford pick up/camper when I was a kid. She has fished with that pole in some pretty sweet spots in Northern California. If that pole could talk I'm sure it would have some great fishing stories to share.

You can see from the grin on Mikes face that he is pleased with this generous gift. He did ask me if I could make a new fabric pouch for the pole, something about the daisy's being a little bright or something. I told him I will make one out of some manly flannel but I'm keeping the daisy one because it reminds me of my Grandma and it makes me smile.
By the way the other day I was chatting with my Grandma and I told her that Mike was thrilled to have her fishing pole. She said " I wish I could come out there and fish with you kids" and then she added "don't let Mike out fish me with my old pole". I told her " Grandma I'm pretty sure that would be impossible for him to do".

My dad say's he thinks he got that fishing vest in about 1971 or 72 so Mike would have been about 3 or 4 years old. I washed up the vest after Mike unloaded all of the gear (reels, and tackle) out of the pockets and it looks good as new and ready for more adventures.