Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The art of Mac Worthington as seen at the Dublin Arts Center on 1-19-2010

Last Friday Paige and Megan spent the night at Deb and Buds. After a breakfast at First Watch Aunt Deb took the girls to check out the Dublin Arts Center. They had such a fun time they wanted me to take them back on Tuesday (they had the day off school) so they could share this little gem of a museum with me. We will be regulars now that we know that it is there, from the road it looks like a lovely old home. I hadn't realized that it was a museum I had thought that it was a place to take art classes.
So now we know!

Mac Worthington is a local artist and these pieces were made from the metal of reclaimed cars. They are so vibrant and fun to look at. They even have postcards so you can leave messages and share your thoughts. The kids had fun writing and explaining what they saw when they looked at the different pieces.
This one above and below reminds me of a box of Chicklets gum!

The girls loved this long wall sculpture that started life as a stretch limo!

I love how each sculpture changes color and shape as you walk around them and see them from new angles. It's almost hard to believe that the picture above and the one below are of the same sculpture.

The blue sculpture above Paige's head is her favorite. She says it looks like a dolphin jumping through a hoop.

Paige was having fun taking pictures with her camera and Megan was having fun posing!

Megan wrote that this piece reminded her of a spinning top.

Megan told me that this silver-white glittery piece above reminded her of her lightning costume from her jazz class last year.

Saturday, January 02, 2010


Brandi's Bruise Update...received 12-31-09

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

Before we headed off to see the lights at the zoo we stopped at Culver's for dinner. They are famous for their butter burgers and their onion rings are tasty too.

Paige and Megan hopped up on the polar bear sculpture to take a hot cocoa break. This Spring we will have a brand new polar bear exhibit at the zoo. If anyone wants to come out to see it we would be happy to have you stay with us.

The lights are all LED's so they use a lot less power to run, but they are still spectacular to walk beneath.

Would you believe that Mike had his tongue stuck out at the camera too, but some how he managed to pull it together before the camera captured the moment.

I snapped this cute shot of Paige and Megan in front of the Manatee tank. Holly and Stubby are staying at the Columbus zoo and aquarium in part of a rescue and recovery program. We are pretty lucky to get to enjoy these special creatures while they rest and relax at our zoo.

As the folks from Monty Python would say..."It's only a flesh wound".
It only sounds right if said with a British accent of course.

The picture above was taken around 2 p.m. (1/1/10)

My New Year's gift...I donated blood after work on the 31st. By the size of the bruise you would think they used a jackhammer to get that pint of O- out of me. Nope it was just a very sharp needle, they kinda sliced my vain and I got a whopper of a bruise from it. I will also get a $25.00 gift card to Panera since Anderson's was holding a drawing for two of them for any employees that donated. Me and Greg were the only ones to donate so we each get a gift card...oh and we get to help save lives so I think that's worth a little flesh wound.

I just took this one at 10:15 p.m. it's looking more colorful as the day wears on.