Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lauren and Paige wearing the latest Toga fashions.

Last Friday I went up to Paige's school to watch the fun and games of "Rome Day". The kids were celebrating the end of their studies of Rome by wearing togas. playing games and having snacks. Paige brought pita chips and hummas.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I snapped these photos at the Fishing - Camping Expo a few weeks back.
I just have not been in the blogging mood....maybe because I have cabin fever and I have not been snapping many photos. Maybe when the weather warms up so will by blog post.

Mike is ready to go quading with Steve again later this summer.

Like most kids they were all about the bunk beds in the travel trailers.

They met some furry friends too. These dogs were with an obedience training group. The dogs were better behaved then most kids and even some adults!

This sweet girl with Paige is Herra, she is such a gentle soul.

I told Paige that if she wasn't good I was going to post this picture of her and the bear on her face book page.