Friday, November 21, 2008

Gas Prices that are "Back to The Future"
Wednesday night after Paige's last horseback riding lesson we had to go get gas. This is what I paid. I was reading in the newspaper that even though the price of gas is the lowest since 2004 they are not expecting people to be traveling for the holidays. Hey maybe it's because everything else is still sky high!

After we filled up the gas tank it was time to feel up our tummies. The girls each had free meal coupons for Bob Evans so we stopped in for a warm dinner. The girls usually order milk with their meals but since it was so cold out they decided on hot chocolate.

Since their meals were free I let them splurge and order the dollar fifty ice cream sundae. I didn't order any but I got to eat most of the ice cream from Megan's. After she ate the mini Reese's and the whipped cream she decided she was full. I did read on the menu that the kids sundaes could be ordered for adults for an extra fifty cents. Does that make any sense to you? Just because you are over 12 you should pay an extra fifty cents for the same amount of ice cream? Hmmm where is the logic in that? I guess I am lucky that no one caught me eating Megan's ice cream...or I would have had to dig up two more quarters.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Here are some fun Halloween pictures from last night.
Paige and Megan let me take a few quick shots before we went trick or treating.

Paige invited two of her friends to come trick or treating with us. Kylie was Einstein, Lauren was a Goth and Paige was a mad scientist. Paige and Kylie were saying that Lauren was their creation.
Trick or treating is from 6 to 8, they acted like they were not going to get enough time but then by 7:15 they were ready to go home. Megan's back hurt (her candy bag was heavy), Paige said her stomach hurt (nerves about going in the haunted house) and Lauren said her toes hurt (she should have worn sneakers instead of the big heeled clompy shoes).

Since Mike was finishing up the lights and sound effects for the haunted house we asked Linda if she would pass out our candy for us. We are so lucky to have such a nice neighbor.

Here is our neighbor boy Jake in his frog costume. Jake will be 2 in December and he's pretty smitten with Paige and Megan.
I got the girls to pose with Raj, another nice neighbor. I know it sounds repetitive but we really have a bunch of nice neighbors.

Speaking of neighbors here is another one. Joci looked so cute in the kimono that her Pop (grandpa) brought her from Korea.

Megan giving me the evil eye!Here are Paige and Megan visiting with Laura and Luke.

While Kylie and I were waiting in line for the haunted house Megan was hanging out with her best friend Cameron.
While trick or treating we met Megans friend Caitlyn, she was a cute little witch.

I don't know this little fellow but I sure did admire his clever costume. I wish I would have gotten a side view of his John Deere tractor he was too darn cute!