Friday, April 30, 2010

Hey where did April go? Does anyone else feel like this year is just flying by? Well it is for me...I have been a very bad blogger and have not kept up with my postings at all. I will try to do better next month. In the meantime scroll on down for some snapshots of our April.

Wednesday is Paige's favorite day of the week...Wednesday equals horseback riding day and that makes her happy!

Megan giving Cece some love while Paige was grooming him.

A good cowgirl always checks her horses feet for rocks.

Paige and Cece last week at riding lessons.

Megan hanging out while Paige does her riding lesson.

Megan hanging out on Jake's swings!

Paige and baby Braden....he zonked out in the swing while we were visiting with his mama.

We went to a recognition ceremony for Paige and her classmates one morning before school. As you can see Paige received straight A's for her 3 rd quarter in 6th grade. We are so proud of her, especially since she is in pre algebra (which is 7th grade math).

We enjoyed playing the Wii with Grandma and Grandpa. Megan was bowling our socks off she was the strike queen!

The kids and I were riding with Grandma and Grandpa in their car since Mike had met us at Pei Wei's when he got off work. We decided to take his picture as he rode past us on his motorcycle.

Mike and his mom sharing a smile.

Paige and Megan goofing with Grandpa at Pei Wei's Diner.

Paige and Rebel having a snuggle before the school bus comes in the a.m.

Megan at Jeni's ice cream.

We went to the high school to see the Spring art show and to see the African zebra mask that Paige had displayed there. She received an A on this project for art class.

Is it me or does Joe Boxer look like the Easter Bunny?

Joe taking a siesta in the grass.

Megan's fashion purchase with the Justice gift card that she got for Christmas from Aunt Shann. She also bought a cute gray tank dress that has neon green, pink, orange and yellow stripes on the skirt. She is wearing it in the pictures with Grandma Barb and Grandpa Jim.

Mike caught some trout!

Paige got a temporary Eagle tattoo for spirit day at school.

Megan and the daffodils from Easter Sunday.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Flash back to Mike's 42nd birthday.....April 5th 2010!

The girls were being a little silly while their dad was opening his gifts. We got him a new fishing reel, a "Magic Worm Farm" (to keep our fishing worms alive), two fishing themed t-shirts, some orange spice cashews from Whole Foods, and some root beer and orange crush flavored ice pops.

After the gifts we went to dinner at "The Lost Shepherd", it was a nice night to sit out on the patio and enjoy a nice meal. After dinner we enjoyed watching heat lightning off in the distance. The storm held off until after we returned home.

Mike found some extra room in his dessert stomach for some chocolate cake and ice cream.
Happy Birthday Sweetie we hope you had fun!

The Great Easter Egg Hunt of 2010
You would think there was gold inside the eggs instead of jelly beans and chocolates. Paige and Megan take their egg hunting very seriously even though they dump all the candy into community bowls when they are done. They do get to keep any money they find...there was all of $4.50 hidden in the eggs this year. Paige found two buck and Megan found two fifty but Paige convinced Megan to give her one of her quarters so they would be even. Big sisters seem to have that kind of power over little sisters, at least that's how I remember it with my sister.

The Easter Bunny left lots of loot in their baskets.

After breakfast the girls went outside with the dogs and did a puppy treat egg hunt on the patio.

Then when it was time for the dogs lunch Paige thought it would be a good idea to put their dog food in eggs. Rowdy and Rebel had to work for their lunch, it was quite entertaining.

At 3:30 we marched down to the cul de sac for the annual neighborhood egg hunt. They had the kids line up for pictures first. Then they let them go...little ones first and then the big ones could go when Mr. Matt or Mr. Xavier tapped their head. That way we didn't have a crazy free for all.

After the egg hunt we went home and sang happy birthday to Mike (a day early) .
Then we enjoyed the yummy Texas sheet cake that Terry made.

Bear with me as we do a little back tracking and catching up from Easter weekend.

Easter Egg Dyeing 101

Start with hard boiled eggs( unless you are a prankster like my dad and you want to trick a 5 year old into cracking an uncooked egg on his head.).
I make my kids wear their tie dyed shirts...that way you don't have to worry about getting stains...hey what's a little more color on a tie dyed shirt?
Cover the table with newspaper (duh!)....and get dyeing.

Paige tried out the tie dyeing was a little messy but made bright eggs. Oh and when I was peeling them to make deviled eggs the dye came off all over my hands.

Paige and Megan with the colored eggs...they turned out bright and beautiful...just like my girls.

Oh and we always pick out our favorite two eggs to show off, one of our silly traditions.