Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!
We got our pumpkins carved today after school. I think they turned out great!

Paige carved a froggy pumpkin and Megan a.k.a. Spider Queen carved a spider, of course!

Mine is supposed to be a man in the moon, what do ya think?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's the night before Halloween and you know what that means?
It's time to SCOOP THE GOOP!!!!

Not that Megan is a drama queen or anything but notice the picture above she looks perfectly fine then after I take it she goes into "freak out mode" then below she is normal and wiping off the slime. Nope, no drama queens here!
We got a late start on the pumpkins so they are only half carved, we will finish up after school tomorrow and post the great pumpkins for Halloween.
Don't forget....Carve Happy :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Boo @ the Zoo 2008
This red eyed tree frog sculpture was a favorite for me and Paige. Wouldn't that be fun to have in your garden?

They have so many different blow up decorations, and this was my favorite of the night. Nothing like a witch dive bombing into the side of a pumpkin, it's a classic.
Hey Happy Hallow from Megan "The Spider Queen"
This is a pretty good shot of Paige's full "Mad Scientist" costume, glow sticks and all. She decided not to wear the goggles (Mike's cool safety glasses) because they kept slipping down her nose, so she stuffed them in her pocket.

Towards the end of the evening Paige was getting tired of walking so we decided we'd wait for Mike and Megan at the carousel while they walked to the back of the zoo to get another handful of tootsie rolls (they each got a zillion of them). We had planned to just sit in the big red rockers but when we walked in the attendant told us to get on for the last ride of the night. We told him we didn't have any tickets and he said the last ride is free. So this is how I got the best pictures of Paige of the night.

This is not the best picture of Megan but it makes me laugh. She is such a sweet thing, always smiling so when she's trying to act all scary and spooky I can't help but grin. She is about as far away from scary as you can get. But not too far from funny!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Here are some random pictures from this past month that I have not had a chance to share...

Swamp Daisy's , yep they are perennials and they are like a burst of sunshine in September and October. When everything else is fading away these little flowers are bursting forth with color.

This is Smudge, or shall I say Smudge's nose. He is a miniature horse at the stable where Paige rides. He has a big personality for such a small horse.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Here are some more pictures from the pumpkin patch, enjoy!
I made them take their vest off for this picture, can you tell they are suffering? In a few years I will have to force them to put their vest/jacket/coat on. We saw all the middle school and high school kids at the football game the other night with nothing but sweatshirts on. They are "too cool" for coats at that age.

I think it's time to put some bricks on Paige's head...she's catching up to me!

The last time we went to Freeman's was in 2006. It's kinda fun to see how much the kids have sprouted up.

What a difference between age 5 below and age 7 above!

Here is a blast from the past...age 4 just three years ago!
Just one more from 2006, I just love Megan's expression :) silly girl!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Great Pumpkin Search!

The kids did not have school on Friday (COTA day) whatever that is? They don't have Columbus day off on Monday but they have COTA day off on Friday. Whatever? So we went to search for our pumpkins at Freemans Farm. The kids used to go here with their preschool class and we had not been since 2006. They have a nice selection of fall decor, including pie pumpkins, gourds and indian corn. They also have a great gift shop deli that sales all sorts of yummy treats. They have this sweet onion relish that is great on roast beef sandwiches. The kids love all their little tubs of candy. This year we got some wee little buckeyes and some chewey sugar pumpkins for Mike.

I really liked this greenish orange pumpkin, and it would have come home with me if only it had a nice stem. I like my pumpkins with a nice stem. I tell the kids that is where the pumpkins personaliyt is, in the stem.
Oh and there is always a fuss about who gets to push/pull the pumpkin cart, as you can see from the pout below.

If you can pick it up and carry it to the pumpkin cart it's fair game.

Looks like Paige picked her pumpkin!
This is Megan's first pumpkin. As I was placing it on the scale we discovered a boo boo on the back and I told her that I was afraid it may rot and not make it to Halloween. So she had to do another search.
She found another perfect pumpkin and she carried it to the scales all by herself.