Friday, July 31, 2009

Gosh I just can't seem to get caught up posting in a timely manner...maybe it has something to do with our crazy summer schedule. So these pictures were taken last Friday evening when Paige, Megan and I went to "Jungle Jack's Landing" with Sydney and her family and friends to celebrate her 8th They needed me to go along so they would have enough drivers to get the kids there and to have enough adults to help watch the kids and ride with them too.
I managed to get this cute shot of Megan on the bumper cars. She looks pretty fierce!

I almost missed Paige as she swung around on the "Gibbon Swings" above.

Then in this shot below I have the back of Megan but what I really love is Delaney and Shae are holding hands in front of Megan, oh and the sky is the perfect shade of blue.

I like the picture above, we are riding in a parrot swing and you can steer a fin to make the car tilt. That is why you can see cement below us, I also like seeing my kids profiles in photos too. It's not always about the straight on smile just right pose.

Hey there's Megan a few cars ahead!

Miss Drama Face above...she's really looking frightened!
Then in the picture below is the "I am so tired of getting my picture taken ALREADY!" face that she has perfected!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Well it is Thursday 7-30-09 a week after Megan's Rock Star 8th party...the house is a lot quieter this week. Last week at this time we had 11 little girls ages 6 to 12 running around singing, laughing, screaming and playing air guitar. They all got along fine, they made up some fun games and nothing got broke and no one got hurt.....but it was still a great party! (Ya know how "they say it's not a party til something gets broke or someone gets hurt" well that is so least in my book!)

Paige and Megan ready to rock the house!

Meghan, Paige and Megan...."Music Makes Her Dance!"

All of the girls each received an "ECHO Microphone" so they could sing loud. I'm sure their parents were thrilled!

You may notice that Paige and Megan's outfits keep changing. Before the party they put together outfits for quick changes (something they learned during dance recitals). So they had lots of costume changes...and my only request was that they not put the clothes in the laundry unless they got them dirty i.e. spilled food or drink on them.

Our sweet little neighbor girl Joci came down to help with the party and to be the tattoo artist.

Megan and Cameron strike a pose in front of the three dollar shower curtain that we transformed into a photo backdrop with star stencils and acrylic paint. It turned out to be a big hit...the kids pretended it was the stage. We had it hung on the shower curtain pole inside the double doors of our den. When they were playing "rock star" Megan was Hannah Montana and Cameron was her body guard. The other kids would have to show their backstage passes to go behind the shower curtain to get autographs.

Megan says "Girls Rule"...they also rock and roll!

Delaney looks like a star!

Megan " I might even be a ROCK STAR!"

Ayva sporting her fancy glitter tattoo!

Caitlyn strikes a pose!

Megan and Macie rock the house!

Megan prepares to make a wish!

The audience-judges for the dance competition.

Sydney, Lily and Delaney perform their dance.

Ayva, Joci and Meghan perform their dance routine during the dance contest.

Paige on drums and Lily on Guitar Hero a spin.

Sydney did a great job on guitar, she is pretty talented she also plays the piano.

Cameron and Megan B.F.F.'s Cutest little rocker chicks on the block!

Opening gifts...notice that Rowdy is right in the middle of things as always.

The whole gang...back row l to r: Macie, Meghan, Paige, Birthday Girl Megan, Joci, Lily and Sydney. Front row l to r: Delaney, Caitlyn, Cameron and Ayva

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Well it's a week later and I am finally getting the pictures from Megan's birthday (July 14) posted. I hope no one was holding their breath!

We started the day with me, Paige and the birthday girl going to the water park at the zoo. I knew it was going to get crowded because a local grocery store had given out over 1800 tickets to their employees. We were lucky that we got there right when the park opened. While Megan and I got our locker Paige went and found us some seats under the shade screen. Then we decided to go on the slides before it got too crowded. We lucked out and went on the Cyclone and only waited about 5 minutes. We sang Megan "Happy Birthday" as we were going down the tunnel and plunging down the big hill (with me going backward) in our raft. We had lots of fun and by 2:30 we were ready to go home and get cleaned up.
But not before Megan finished off the big blue ICEE!

After we returned home we got cleaned up and rested until Mike came home from work. Then he relaxed by playing "Guitar Hero" on the Wii. He bought it for us last Saturday so the girls could rock out with their friends at Megan's party.

So while Mike was playing the guitar we let Megan open her gifts...we didn't want her to have to wait until be got back home from dinner.

She's such a sweet sister that she opened her card and gift from Paige first. Oh and she had a speck of glitter at the corner of her eye that I did not see until we were at the dinner table. Luckily for her it looks cute.

Paige gave her sister a "Hannah Montanna" themed gift...singing doll and the new c.d. Megan was thrilled...she wanted both!

This gift was a little something special that I picked out and gave to Megan just from me. She loved the gift tag that I put on the bag. Inside was a "big girl" handbag that I had found for her back in April and I put it away for her Inside I put a tin that I had covered with a necklace that I knew she wanted. A few weeks before her we were looking at the gift shops and antique shops nearby when she spotted this little necklace made from an old flower button with an old typewriter key in the center...with the letter M, of course. So I stopped in and purchased it for her one day when I was out on my own.

Do you see why I bought her that handbag? It is so colorful and bold...a little bit Megan...and she loves it! I knew she would. I love it when I get them something that they didn't ask for and it ends up being their favorite thing. It's because I'm their mom...and I know their hearts desire..for now at least.

It would not be a celebration without Rowdy trying to get in on the unwrapping of the gifts. He thinks it's his job. Plus you never know if there may be some puppy treats involved.

No puppy treats here...just a bunch of rock and roll inspired accessories for our little rock princess.

Megan's favorite Taylor Swift song is "You Belong With Me".

She was thrilled to get two outfits for her TY Girlz doll and even more thrilled when she found "Amazing Abbey" in the gift bag too. I don't know how many time's I had to talk her out of buying that doll (because I had already gotten it for her) before her got here. I kept telling her "what if someone else gets it for you...or you can get it with your money after your".

Pop Stars air guitar for the has a Hannah Montann song and the Jonus Brothers on it. I thought the kids would have fun playing it at her it was only ten bucks.

Last but not least she got "Mario Kart for the Nintendo DS"...she has been asking for this for her since January. I don't know how many times I told her "yes I know you want it...but it's 7 months away". The nice thing about it is that with one game cartrige several players can race so Paige will enjoy playing it with her too.

Rebel and Rowdy can not figure out what all the excitement is over...she didn't get any puppy what's the big deal.

After the gifts were opened and the Wii was turned off we headed to dinner at.......

Where she enjoyed a (free) snowcone...

Mini cheeseburgers and fries....

and a scoop of ice crean with hot fudge, oreo cookie crumbs, sprinkles and a candle on top!

Did you know that on Tuesday nights it's Karaoke night at Cheeseburger in Paradise?

That is why we got up and sang "Rock Star" by Hannah Montanna.
Do I get extra mommy points for that?

Sorry about the dark photo...I was a little Mike was the camera man.

When we returned home somehow we all had room for the monster cookie that Megan had requested for her cake.
Surprisingly is was very tasty...chocolate chip cookie coverd with butter cream's a good thing.

After they got hopped up on frosting it was time to dance.... They put on the new c.d.s and danced....twirled and spun until bedtime.