Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's that time of year...time for the girls to get their dance costumes for the Spring dance recital. It will be on Sunday, May 29th and their show starts at Noon this year. Let us know if you would like tickets to the show. Megan will have a Tap, Ballet and Jazz dance in this years show and Paige will have a Tap dance.
Tickets go on sale Monday, May 2nd
Adults - $12.50
Students and Military - $8.50

This is Megan's Tap costume they are music notes. Miss. Erin has choreographed a really cute and fun dance for them.

Paige's tap class is dancing to John Travolta's version of "Grease Lighting" and they are the cutest "Greasers" I've ever seen. There dance is pretty fast and has lots of fun moves in it.

This is Megan's costume for her Jazz class. They are dancing to "It's a Hard Knock Life"from the musical "Annie". It start's out with the traditional song then halfway through it goes into the rap version. It's a fun dance to watch.
This is the beginning and end of her dance...if you want to see the entire dance we can get your tickets for you.
Their show is on Sunday, May 29th and they are in the 1st show which starts at Noon.

We will get Megan's ballet costume next week since she will miss her ballet class this Thursday because of her schools Spring Art Show.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Here are the last of our zoo pictures...I got a little carried away at the Flamingos. I could just snap pictures of them all day.

It kind of amazes me that the Manatee's main diet is Roamaine lettuce. You wouldn't think there would be enough calories to keep them alive considering they just eat the lettuce no croutons or Caesar dressing.

I always enjoy watching the Green Sea Turtle...he makes me smile.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Today's photo's from the Columbus zoo and Aquarium will start in the Australia and The Islands regions and end in the African Forest.
Enjoy your trip and please don't feed the animals!

Oh happy day...the Koala was awake! I can't ever remember seeing him when his eyes were open...and hey look he moved his arm...he's really alive! Don't ya think his ears sort of look like SOS pads?

This little Wallaby (above) sure was sweet. They look a little more delicate than the Kangaroos.

The girls were ahead of me on the trail and I noticed this roo in the background. I was shouting directions at the girls to scoot this way and that trying to get the roo to look like he was posing with them (it was kind of like herding cats) but I think it turned out pretty cute.

Is it just me or does this Kangaroo look a little like Nicolas Cage?

I was surprised that this shot of the Leopard turned out as well as it did...another shot through a dirty window!

Oh my gosh I could have stayed and watched this baby chimp all day. I was snap snap snapping have lots of cute ones of her, just wish the viewing window was clean.

Here's my sweet girl..I love taking pictures of her too especially when she's not looking. Her skin looks so soft and her cheeks are naturally rosy she could be an Ivory girl.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

On Wednesday morning I was at the zoo by 9 a.m. to meet up with all of the 7th graders from Paige's school. Lucky for me I was only in charge of these three sweet girls..from left Paige, Tiffany and Lauren. I couldn't ask for more polite or friendly girls to spend five hours at the zoo with, plus they put up with all my photo taking pretty well too.
I am only posting half of the zoo pictures tonight because it is getting late and I have had a long check back in the next day or so for kangaroos, penguins and the cutest baby chimp ever.

Introducing Hanna the daughter of the late great Fluffy.

Look baby (he just turned 2) Beco is getting his tusk!

Just look at those paws! They look so powerful yet soft and fluffy at the same time.
Oh and looks he's sticking his tongue out...I seemed to catch quite a few pictures of various animal tongues today. Luckily none of the kids stuck theirs out at me as I was snapping their pictures...they just roll their eyes instead!

The lion family was in the North East corner of their pen and for taking pictures of them it doesn't get better than that. I beats trying to take picture from above and getting shots of the tops or backs of their heads. I even managed to blur the fence out for the photo below. Go make me look so good!

When we arrived at the Mexican wolf exhibit we spotted two of them lounging in the grass about 30 feet from the exhibits window. I snapped a few photos through the dirty glass window hoping they would turn out okay. Then to my surprise one of the wolfs got up and ventured over for his close ups. I love how quick our camera is. It was fun to catch the wolf licking his lips and then immediately afterwards I caught this expression below. The funny thing about this is Rebel makes the same face after he licks his lips. Must be a canine thing.

The night before we went to the zoo a big thunderstorm rolled through with a ton of rain. The otters were making good use of the mud by having a spa day. They would roll around in the mud and squeak at each other then run and dive into their pool. It was fun watching them dive into the water and we could see the mud washing off of them in brown streaks. It pretty much muddled the water so I only took one halfway decent shot of them swimming.
I was pleasantly surprised that these polar bear pics came out so well, as I shot them through a smudged up window. When I first started snapping the two polar bears were just lounging around. Then one of the sisters went over to a rock and started licking it so this enticed the other sister to go check out the tasty rock. So that is what lead to the last photo of them mouthing at each other. Typical sisters!

I took this shot of the Timber Wolf through the dirty glass viewing area and I was surprised that it turned out halfway decent. I wonder if the folks at the zoo would freak out if I brought some windex and paper towels next time so I can clean their windows!

I love this photo below...look at the soul of this wolf... so intensely beautiful.

Check back soon for part 2 of the 7th grade field trip to the zoo.