Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hey, I am going to sound like a big goof but here are some vacation pictures that were still on one of the memory cards of Paige's camera.
These were taken last Thursday (7/24). Mimi (a.k.a. Carole) and dad have some very nice neighbors, Pat and Tom and they invited the girls over for a swim in their pool. So Paige and Megan went over for a swim with Mimi and Jenny. That is Jenny with Megan in the photo above. The last time we were out to CA in 2005 we had brought along those blue and yellow blow up rings. They cost a whole two bucks and we left them with our host and hostess as a little thanks for letting us use your pool gift. Well here they are 3 years later and still floating, I was impressed.

This crazy crocodile was giving the kids fits. They had mastered the whale but that crocky was a challenge, and they would not give up.

Paige and Megan had a whale of a time swimming in the California sunshine.

Okay everyone....I am back from my vacation...from blogging and from our trip to California. We actually returned home last Friday night. Since then it has been trying to get back to Ohio time, getting things unpacked, stocking the kitchen with fresh food, buying school supplies (school starts on Aug. 20) and spending time with the pups.

We still haven't even put our vacation pictures on our home computer. We have some on the laptop that my dad gave us and they are also on a quick drive, but I don't even know where Mike put it. I will ask him to put them on this computer tonight while I am at work (my first night back to work in 3 weeks...should be a fun-interesting night cashiering).

So here are some photos that I did not get a chance to post before flying off to California on July 11.
A few days before our trip I was out back mowing and this tiny little cottontail bunny just about gave me a heart attack as it jumped up in front of the mower. I have a huge fear of chopping up little critters...bunnies, toads, snakes. That would freak me out and probably keep me from ever mowing again.

After the bunny jumped up in front of me I turned the mower off so we could both regain our composure and catch our breath. I also went and grabbed the camera. The kids were very curious about the bunny but I told them to stay back, because I was sure his little heart was racing.

When I was done mowing I talked to Mike and told him of my near miss with the little bunny. The girls and I were out on errands when Mike got home from work. When we came in he told us that he had gone out and petted the bunny. I could not believe him so we all went out and he let the girls take turns holding the little bun bun. The bunny seemed fine with it, I think he enjoyed their soft touch and their cozy laps.

Friday, July 04, 2008

This is how are Wednesday began...(Please excuse my scatterbrained post...I know all these post about Wed. 7-02-08 are out of order. )
If they were in order...this is how are Wednesday went, did I mention it was busy? We headed over to Bud and Debs at noon to take Joe for a walk, but first we had to take sunflower pictures. This one is a volunteer, meaning it just grew up all by itself, a self seeder so to speak. Sunflowers are Deb's favorite flowers so it couldn't have picked a better place to sprout.
Joe was thrilled to see us, he always is. He must know how much we love him. We took him for a walk to the park, it was a warm and windy.
I parked Joe under the shade of a tree while the girls played and did some swinging.

Watch out she's going to J U M P!
She jumped again but I only got the landing, and her visor flew off.

Joe tried to give me a kiss while I was taking our picture.
He's such a sweet and handsome guy.....
and the girls are crazy for him.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Wednesday night was a busy one for us.

After we got home from the pool we headed over to Brian and Laura's so we could babysit Luke for the first time. He has two grandma's and an Aunt in town so they usually get first dibs. Paige and Megan were so excited to get to spend the evening with Luke.He is 20 lbs. at 5 1/2 months. He's a big happy boy. He's also teething so he was a bit slobbery too.
After Brian and Laura returned home we headed down to the cul de sac for the 4th of July warm up.
Ohhhhh - Ahhhhh

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Summer Time = Pool Time
The lighting in this picture of Paige is not great but I love the way the sky looks behind her.
I have no idea what Megan is doing with her leg. It looks like she's trying to kick her sister in the head, but she didn't or if she did Paige did not whine about it. Anyways the picture is kinda funny, from a little sister's point of view.

This picture of Megan getting out of the pool is a little dark but I love the hair and drops of water flying off of her.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

After we got home from Chuck E. Cheese the girls did a little craft. They painted little wooden birdhouses. After that we had cake and ice cream and then it was gift time.

From left to right: Sydney, Meghan, Megan, Cameron and Caitlyn. I had to promise them a silly shot to get the nice one above.