Sunday, March 30, 2008

Since "Spring" arrived on the calendar it has been difficult to convince the kids that they still need to wear their big coats. I don't really blame them I am about coated out too. Here are some pictures of them playing catch I think it was March 21st in fact. Note the rosy cheeks...from the balmy 50 degree weather. Oh well they are still healthy and they seem pretty happy in these pictures. I am sure there are better battles I could wage with them than to wear their coats while playing catch on a chilly Spring day.

It's Sunday night the kids are bathed and tucked into clean sheets and sound asleep. Back to school tomorrow after ten days off (that's Spring break including weekends). I myself am ready for them to be back to school. I think Paige and Megan are ready too, they miss their teachers and friends.
They played together pretty well today. I think it was good for them to have some time apart. Paige was gone to Britt's Friday night and all day Sat. Sometimes a little time away can make all the difference. When Paige got home from Brittany's she was on a camera kick. She got her digital camera and was taking pictures and making movies. She did a funny movie of Megan jumping rope, the commentary is great. She also did a spy movie. They came down the stairs stating that they were going to "spy on mom, dad and Uncle Dave". They did catch Uncle Dave dipping in the jelly beans, that was pretty good.
I didn't do too much today, changed sheets on the kids beds, did some laundry, took down the Easter decorations, ironed on patches on the kids jeans. They are constantly blowing the knees out of their jeans. I hope it warms up soon so they can start wearing their skorts and capris to school.
We enjoyed checking out my dad's blog (W-->) he posted some photos from their cruise through the Panama Canal, very cool.
Hope you all have a fantastic week. I am working on Tuesday...April Fools day oh and it will also be "seniors day" at Anderson's that should be a hoot.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pictures from Easter Sunday

I guess I should have taken this first shot before we jokingly told Paige "that Megan gets a 5 minute head start on the egg hunt". That is the reason for her sad face. It was Mike's idea to tell her that, you would think by now the kid would know when we are joking around.
Megan was a polite egg hunter, she would pass eggs by so her sister could get them and Paige would do the same. It is a wonder that they got all the eggs collected. We did find a few strays after the hunt. What is so funny is that they end up putting all of the candy in a community bowl that we all share and they just keep the coins that they get. I think Megan got a total of $2.25 and Paige got $2.20 so they were pretty close to being equal.

They did a few poses for the camera before going off to check out the loot!

Our kids are so funny they are all about tradition...egg hunt first then check out the baskets. They did not peak around in their baskets until all the eggs were emptied.

They got fancy bunnies this year instead of the usual stuffed animals. These look like dancer bunnies in their fancy costumes.

They each got a new game for their Nintendo DS lites. Megan's is Polly Pocket's Water Park Adventure and Paige's is based on the horse movie "Dreamer".

At 2:30 Mike took the kids down to the cul de sac for the annual egg hunt. Each family donates a dozen filled plastic eggs per child. There are also numbered eggs that correspond with a prize egg. Megan found a prize egg last year so we returned it with a prize in it this year. Paige and Megan did not get a prize egg this year but they each came home with more than a dozen eggs in their baskets too. I think one had 16 and the other had we are up a few eggs over what we donated. Mike had to point that out to Paige when she was feeling bummed about not getting a prize egg.

They had the kids line up from shortest to tallest (youngest to oldest) and the little ones...below first grade got a head they wouldn't get mowed over.

Before Uncle Dave went home he took the girls over for a walk around the pond...this is kind of a tradition with them. It was a bit chilly out so Megan loaned Uncle Dave her hat and since Uncle Dave is a little silly he went along with it. Mike said "Oh great the neighbors are going to look out their back window's and think that is me in the crazy hat".

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Good Friday!
The girls were out of school on Friday but the school district calls it a day off it is not officially part of "Spring Break". We had a lunch date with Aunt Deb at Jason's. We had a fantastic lunch, everything they serve is wonderful. We lunched, laughed, drew some pretty Spring-Easter pictures ( but darn I forgot to get any pictures of our art) on the white paper on top of the tablecloth, we took some fun pictures, and then....(scroll down to #8 for rest of story)
I did get a picture with some of Paige's artwork. She drew some Beta fish.
It's hard work getting a good shot of the three of these clowns. They just love goofing around, and I don't even have to encourage any of them.

We were dressed for Spring, although it was barely 45 out. We really need some warmer weather, it's time to bare our arms, and wear cotton. We are so done with turtlenecks and polar fleece!

Megan mentioned to Aunt Deb that she had a loose tooth. Well from there on out we could focus on nothing else then to free that child of her snaggle tooth. Megan loved all the attention that we showered on her and her very loose tooth. She let us all take turns wiggling it. She probably would have let the waitress wiggle it too, that is if she had asked.

Aunt Deb was kind enough to get her compact out so Megan could see her progress.
Then Aunt Deb showed Megan how to make a napkin puppet so the puppet could grab Megan's tooth and give it a good yank, but no luck on that one.

We finally decided to go over to MJ's candy bar. Aunt Deb said maybe some taffy would work, so that is what we did. Plus the girls had some $ left over on their gift cards that Aunt Deb and Uncle Bud got them for Christmas.
Megan tried a "Bit O'Honey", and two..yes two "Laffy Taffy's", but no luck.

Here is Paige and some more of her artwork....cute bunny Paige!
Megan was wiggling her tooth and pretty soon her coat had to come off. She was getting serious and we were cheering her on.

The tooth finally comes out and we cheer and take more pictures of course. The owner of the candy store gave us a baggie to transport the tooth and he gave Megan a cup of water to rinse her mouth. I think he was getting a kick out of the whole thing.
Here is her new toothless smile, thanks for all of the support Aunt Deb. We always have fun with you!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Monkey see....monkey do!
We have proof now when we refer to Paige and Megan as monkeys.
The high light of last Friday's visit to the auto show was climbing the rock wall. There were about 6 or 7 sections to the wall and they were between 3 and 4 ft. tall panels. Megan climbed about 25 feet or so. The first time Megan climbed she had her Mary Jane strap shoes on. I told her "you should try it with just your socks on". So she kicked her shoes off and had another go at it. She went a lot farther and a lot faster. I bet Megan went about 24 feet up Paige went about 20 feet up. They had a great time and it was a huge confidence builder .