Monday, June 14, 2010

I don't think I have documented Megan's new glasses on my blog...just on facebook. She got them back in mid May. She just needs them for reading and computer work.
We think she looks adorable in them!

Question) What comes the week after the Spring dance recital?

Answer) The Summer "bob" courtesy of Miss. Melinda.
Yep, it's summer time and Megan loves her new bob...and so do I especially since she can comb it all by herself.
Not only does she look cool she feels cool!

Friday, June 11, 2010

I took these pictures of Paige with our new Nikon last month. She will start the summer lessons next Tuesday. Lucky for her they are in the a.m. so it won't be too terribly hot.

I took these while standing in the arena shooting across the field.
(This camera is so fun!)

Her shirt says "instant message" under the picture of the pup wagging it's tail. We love "Life is Good" shirts.

Look at the confidence in that smile...she's in the zone!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Megan's 3rd grade class had their "Pioneer Day" back on May 26th. We had a warm (85 degrees) day but no thunderstorms at least. The kids had a great time, they are so fortunate to get to pretend to be pioneers it's so much more fun than just reading about it.

Grandma Barb had made the costume for Paige three years ago and it looks just as cute on Megan as it did on Paige. They are lucky girls to have such a talented Grandma.

Megan and her teacher Mrs. H.

I worked at the biscuit making station in the morning and then after lunch I was at stenciling. The kids made their own butter before heading to mix the ingredients, roll out the dough and cut their biscuits. The best part was eating them hot out of the oven!

Megan cleaning the rugs the way they did it before Dyson came along. The moms would sprinkle baby powder on the rugs before they let the kids beat them...smelled like a fresh clean diaper at the chores station!

They square danced!

They did some tin punching with a nail and a aluminum pie plate.

They dipped candles.

They made butter...a little heavy cream, a pinch of salt and a marble in a plastic lidded cup and a lot of shaking makes good butter.

I wonder if the buckets were that small in pioneer days? I doubt it!

They had a good lunch...chicken legs, noodles, corn, fresh veggies, fresh fruit and Megan's favorite pickle spears. After lunch you could pick either a brownie or cookie for desert. "Either" was a hard concept for some of the kids. Megan went with the brownie and deemed it two thumbs up!

Squint your eyes a little and remember back 30 years and you might see a glimpse of Laura Ingles a.k.a. Melisa Gilbert.

They stenciled designs on cotton bags. Some got the concept of a little paint goes a long ways and some just globbed it on. I was helping with the stenciling station the last part of the day.

They helped make rope.