Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Black and White snapshots from June 2011

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

She turned 13 on Friday, May 13th. By the way 13 is her lucky number and mine too...we figure that since everyone else thinks it's unlucky then we will take it for our own!
We invited some of her crazy-silly-giggly girlfriends over last Friday for her b.day celebration. They played the "T-shirt" game, ate pizza, salad and watermelon. Then we took them to "Dave & Busters" to do some kiddie gambling....gotta get them ready for Vegas! Or as Aunt Deb refers to it the "Hillbilly Hang Out". Then it was back home for ice cream cake, gifts and some fun on the Wii.

I will try and post the "D&B" pictures on my other blog later...enjoy :)

from left to right...Cara, Lauren, Paige, Lindsey and Brooke.
Brittany could not make it this year...she had to be up at 5 a.m. to go to Cedar Point with her schools band...that is what we are doing THIS weekend.

Lauren drew...yes drew this beautiful horse picture for Paige. We went out and bought a frame for it the next day. Paige really has a sweet bunch of friends and they happen to be very smart and talented too.

Paige's friend Lindsey gave her this cute quilted black and pink case that had nail polish and hair bows in it. I love this picture below of Paige and Megan looking so amazed at the little mirror inside the case. What a couple of monkeys!

We invited Megan's b.f.f. Cameron so Meg would have a friend to hang out with. Cameron's mom adores Paige and they gave her a very generous g.c. to one of Paige's favorite stores.

This is her "going to California" shirt! I saw it on the sale rack and new she had to have it...it was hard to save it for her b.day.

This yellow "Life is Good" shirt says "forecast mostly sunny". I thought that was a pretty good shirt for a 13 year old!

We got her some t-shirts, a make up bag with some eye make up, earrings, a bird call, a cute little plaid handbag, and this mp-3 player. It's by Polaroid and it has a touch screen, a built in speaker and it also holds photos and videos and came with headphones. Plus we took her and her friends to Dave & Buster's and gave them each a $10. game card to play on.
Most of them picked out these big plastic slinky's to get with their points at Dave & Busters. You never outgrow slinkys!

You know your kids are growing up when they are more concerned with how the cake taste than what Disney character is on it. Paige had a cookie dough ice cream cake from Graeter's. It was very tasty of course. Her friends sang/yelled her a big happy birthday. You can see Mike standing there trying not to laugh.